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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you need for servicing my system?

-We need your name, phone number, address, and either someone present or a way to get into the home or building.

How often should I change my filter and what kind should I use?

-We recommend changing your filter once a month.  Pleated filters are the best to use but will catch more dirt so changing them is important.

Why does my unit run constantly and not cool to what I set the temperature on?

-There can be many reasons why this would occur including low refridgerant or compressor not running.  The best thing to do is shut the system off and request a service call.

Do I need to be home to have my system serviced?

-No, nobody needs to be present for us to service your system but please make arrangements for us to get inside the house.

What brand of equipment do you sell?

-We sell American Standard heating and cooling equipment, Daikin mini split sytems, and Bard wall mounts.

Do I need to wash the coils on the outdoor unit?

-Washing the coils on the outdoor unit is a good maintenance to perform.  Make sure the power is off to the unit then use a water hose to wash out the coils.  Try not to bend the fins on the coils as this will cause the unit to not perform as well.

How do I prevent my system from leaking water in the house?

-The water that is produced is condensation from the indoor coil.  There should be a clean-out of somekind in the PVC drain.  Use the clean-out to pour a cup of bleach down the drain everytime you change your filter during the months that require cooling. 

Does your company accept credit cards?

-Yes we currently accept Visa and Mastercard

What do I do if my unit is making uncommon noise?

-Turn the system off and request a service call.  Continuing to run the system could cause more damage








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